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Practical Health Naturopathic clinic uses Iridology, patient history, blood screening and a Biometer for diagnosis and a combination of Diet, Nutrition and Supplements for treatment.

Biometer Testing

Is a non-invasive method that detects imbalances, weaknesses or underlying causes of illness. The Biometer tests for,

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Fungus
  • Toxins and Chemicals
  • Hormone and Stress levels
  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiency

It also indicates to me where the pathogen is located in the body or the organ that is under duress.

Electro Dermal resistance Testing Using The FHD Biometer

Degree of Patient Testing Proceedure
At every consultation the state of the body’s cellular functions is measured.
This indicates the degree by which toxic accumulation is affecting the body.
In subsequent consultations, this test will indicate the successor otherwise of the previous treatment.

Endocrine Readings
At every consultation the endocrine system is checked for functioning and levels of various hormones.

Cell Energy
This is measured for levels for energy or exhaustion.

Immune Function
The state of the immune system is checked and measured for strength of T-cells.

Enzyme Status
The Digestive enzymes, water and sunlight levels are checked so metabolism of these and other nutrients can be assessed.

The existence of pathogens in the body is determined by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites,heavymetals, environmental toxins/chemicals commonly found in air, water,food, cleaning products and personal care products that disturb the function of the body.

Electro Dermal resistance Testing

The organs are tested for the strength and weakness of each individual and if weak shows that its ability to do its job is hindered or suppressed by toxins or deficiencies and is supported so its function can return to support the balance of the whole body and all of its tissues.

Psychological Stress
Lifestyle is affected by our general health , the stressors we endure and the people around us.Mental, intellectual and emotional stress are a constant stress and challenge to a peaceful tranquil life. All toxic/harmful mind-controlling substances must be eliminated to regain homeostasis of the mind and body.

Allergies may be a general indication of toxic overload. Allergies may be eliminated as pathogens are eliminated and healthy body function restored.

Therapy will be aimed at eliminating the cause of the symptoms, not treating the symptoms.
This may include Homeopathic, vitamin, mineral, foods/diet or nutritional requirements, lifestyle, herbs and Bach/Bush flower remedies. All treatments are specific to each individual depending on what is tested.

Blood Testing

Blood Testing is a blood screening technique that allows you to see your own blood on a screen. This test is for seeing deficiencies, inflammation, oxidative stress, liver stress, leaky gut, parasites, allergies, immune status, viral/bacterial infection and much more.

Each Field shows different information we can use to evaluate possible deficiencies and immune status.

Diet, Nutrition and Supplements

Diet often plays the key roll in a dysfunction found within a body system, therefore discussion about the foods you consume daily is very important along with the times you choose to eat and often food combining can cause acidic or alkaline reactions that may be counteractive to digestion. ‘Supplementation’ is often required for nutrient loading in order to change an imbalance within the body.

The supplements I use are Metagenics, Brauer Professional, Apex, Orthoplex, Mediherb, Bioactive Biomedica, bioresearch and NPM. plus other smaller ranges specifically designed for specific conditions. Often the body can be overloaded with or carrying toxins. The toxins may come from pesticides, parasites, bacteria, virus, stress or heavy metals. I can design a ‘Detox Protocol’ for you to implement to detoxify the body from the overload that you may be carrying. Once you have followed and completed a ‘Detox Protocol’ you can feel more energetic, less stressed, lighter, recover from pain /injury faster and simply enjoy a sense of wellbeing. Every condition that presents itself is due to an overload or imbalance within the body, that is why detoxifying and diet adjustment can greatly assist with correction.


OLIGOSCAN is a mineral and Metal online evaluation pathology tool approved by the TGA. no hair or tissue samples required and the results are instant. where there is toxicity there is always deficiency of vitamins and minerals, Mineral deficiency is like the foundation of your house ‘poor foundation=poor health’ The test itself scans the palm in 4 locations 1st graph shows Mineral evaluation, 2nd graph shows Heavy metal levels.

Minerals that are too high often are not being used and remain in the blood due to heavy metal blockage in its pathways. Metals that are too high in the body indicates your minerals are too low and your eliminatory pathways are not clear to rid the body of the overload.

Either minerals and metals that are too high or low can cause many neurological issues like Autism, headaches, anxiety, depression including health issues like leaky gut, chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, low mood, hormone disruption and weight gain.

Hair tissue analysis tells us only what is being excreted (if the person is excreting) Results back in 10 days.

Blood will only tell us whats in the blood and metals are often stored in fatty tissue not blood due to the protective nature of our body to create homeostasis.Results back in 7 days.

Oligoscan tells us what metals are stored thus telling us how much there is to get rid of and the results are instant.